4 Types of Military Uniforms

Military uniforms are broadly classified into 4 types, and you should keep these in your stock if you have opened up a clothing store. You can make profits from the sales of these four types of apparels designed for military personnel.

The military, similar to most of the organized armed forces, makes use of specific uniforms which can help differentiate its members and personnel from others. These dresses can infuse the tradition within individuals and instill a sense of belonging in each member. Every specific branch of the US military comes with its own individual uniforms, although dresses of the same type are used in individual occasions – whether on training ground, ceremonies, duty hours or formal functions. If you have opened up an apparel store, it can be a profitable idea to tap into the military uniform buyer population by ordering the following 4 types of outfits from a military uniform manufacturer.

Service uniforms

These types of outfit look more formal in appearance. Such types of dresses are usually worn in functions of an official nature, such as weddings, funerals or state events. But these can also be changed and worn as a utility uniform as far as some administrative staffs are concerned. For instance, air force personnel usually put on an outfit every day which looks like a slightly altered form of service dress, although with the form coat not being used. In every branch, full service dress usually comprises of a jacket, a pressed collared shirt, slacks and polished black shoes.

Utility uniforms

This is the most common type of outfit that one thinks of while thinking about military personnel. The category of utility dress actually refers to working outfits, and encompasses every type of outfit that is put on at the time of carrying out military duties. These comprise of everything, whether food service uniforms, hospital outfits, flight suits, or Army Combat Uniform (ACU) and other camouflage fatigues. Most members of the US military wear these outfits every day, and you can order these from uniform suppliers Australia.

Mess dress

It is actually the evening dress for military personnel. It is a formal wear for military people, which is more appropriate for black-tie events instead of simple formal occasions. Such events can be Inaugural Ball and other gala parties as well as formal dinners. In each occasion of this type, mess dress looks more like a tuxedo and comprises of a vest along with a cummerbund. In Marine Corps or Army, a cape is also included in the outfit.

Physical training (PT) uniforms

These are designed to be worn during physical training or PT. These are frequently put into an individual category as a result of their particular nature. Such outfits are worn only during athletic events that comprise of rigorous exercisesFeature Articles, and used in military gyms or while jogging on the bases. One can also find these being used during the physical fitness test of each service. Such kinds of uniforms usually comprise of a T shirt teamed with a pair of wind pants or shorts.


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