Why Have A Medical Alert System

A medical alert system is not just for the elderly like many people think.  Medical alert systems become a necessity for many reasons such as critical illness, having a handicap, living alone, being blind and the list goes on and on.  Although this medical alert systems sound like it could be very complicated it actually is very simple.

There is a medical alert button that can be worn around the neck, as a watch or on a belt clip.  These are all waterproof so that they never have to be taken off.  This way if you should fall in the shower you have your alarm right with you.  The alarm button that you are wearing works directly with a medical alarm console.  These connect to your phone line much like an answering machine does.  When activated by you pushing the button the console will automatically dial the preprogrammed medical number to alert the emergency call center.

The emergency response center is where the signal from the medical alarm system is being monitored.  You should make sure that the monitoring response center is not a third party but is done by the system provider.  Once the alert system button has been pushed the monitoring center will attempt to communicate through the two way speaker to the injured person.  The dispatcher will go through a set amount of questions and instructions.  If there is no response they will get the squad there immediately.   If there is communication then a family member may also be called to come to the house, as well as the squad to come to the victim’s house.

Medic alert systems are a valuable to all those people who live alone or have health related issues. This is a great way to be able to stay in your own home and feel safe, but yet be able to keep your independence.  Independence is very important to those who have always lived on their own.  Nobody wants to go to a nursing home if they do not have too. With the medical alert system not only do the victims feel safeArticle Submission, but so do the family members who are helping taking care of them.  Make sure to do more research on the providers in your area and what the monthly fees are and what the set up fees are.  Once you get the medical alert system you will wonder how you lived without it.

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